Tooth Straightening


Treatment for straightening crooked and misaligned teeth on Anglesey

At Valley Dental Anglesey our team led by Dr Lourens Bester has extensive experience in a number of different treatments for straightening crooked teeth, known collectively as orthodontics. So we won’t push you down the line of a single type of brace, we’ll advise exactly which treatment type is best for your particular case.

We offer the following treatments:

Damon Braces

This is a well-established American treatment philosophy which makes use of wider arch wires and self-adjusting brackets to create more space where teeth are crowded. The treatment results in beautiful smiles with wide arches from the corners of the mouth as shown below.

The Damon system typically requires less intervention than traditional braces after fitting which usually means they are more comfortable and user-friendly. Damon braces use a memory wire and brackets which apply less pressure than conventional braces but are still very effective to move your teeth to the required positions.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

This is the traditional, classical orthodontic methodology which uses a very rigorous approach for straightening teeth. Our team has completed extensive additional training in order to carry out treatments using these techniques.

There are no short-cuts or compromises with this technique for correcting misaligned teeth and it can be used to address any type of orthodontic problem, unlike the other brace systems which have certain restrictions.

If your problem is slightly more complex, comprehensive orthodontics will possibly be your best treatment option to achieve excellent, long-lasting results.

Clear Aligners

This covers a range of braces types including Invisalign, ClearSmile, ClearCorrect and others which use a sequence of clear, medical grade plastic trays to gradually move crooked teeth into the correct positions. They are very popular as they provide discreet wearing and can be removed when you are eating food and for cleaning.

Clear aligners can be used to treat a range of conditions including crooked teeth, diastema (gaps) and various issues with a patient’s bite.

Treatments normally take anything from 6 – 18 months but average around 1 year.  

Social Six Braces

This covers a range of treatment types often called “speedy braces”. The technique concentrates on straightening the “social six” teeth which are highly visible at the front of the mouth and can often be straightened quite quickly where misalignment is fairly minor.

This is a less-complex type of teeth straightening and uses products such as CFast, Fast Braces, STb amongst others.

Whist this technique has the advantage of being quite fast, it does have the disadvantage of using more visible wires and brackets. This can also be trickier to keep clean and oral hygiene can suffer if you are not diligent with your cleaning regimen.

The technique also often needs to use IPR (interproximal stripping) or shaving of the teeth to create the space needed for the teeth to move.


Whichever braces system we recommend, you will need to wear retainers at the end of you treatment to prevent your teeth slipping back into their old positions. Retainers are typically worn at night but there may be periods where you need to wear them occasionally during the day. Our team will advise accordingly during your visits with us.

For more information on orthodontics or to arrange an appointment, please call the team at Valley Dental on 01407 741 730 or use the website contact form.

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