General Dentistry

General Dentistry

At our Anglesey dental practice, our key aim is to keep our patient’s teeth in good health and condition. Education and preventative care play a large role in this and we hope that, with good advice and regular check-ups, our patients will manage to avoid too much dental work during their life.

As we know though, things don’t always work out like this, and periodically we all may need help with our teeth. Wear and tear and decay can cause damage to our teeth over time and, when this occurs, we are here to help you with modern general dental procedures.


Providing that any dental decay is discovered early enough, the likelihood is that the tooth can be repaired simply by removing the decay with a dental drill and then a filling. At our Anglesey dental practice, we are able to offer our patients a choice of amalgam or tooth coloured fillings.


When a tooth has been broken, or is badly decayed, a filling may not be enough to give the tooth the strength it needs. Instead, a dental crown may be used to repair it. The tooth will first be prepared and impressions taken in order for the crown to be produced. Once produced, it will then be attached using strong dental cement.


A dental bridge may be used when a tooth has been lost. It is, in effect, a false tooth that is attached by preparing the two adjoining teeth which then hold the bridge in place. In effect, it bridges the gap between teeth, hence its name.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure can be used when the inner part of a tooth becomes infected. As this is the area where the nerves are stored, an infection can be very painful.

To perform a root canal, a local anaesthetic is given and the top of the infected tooth removed. The soft inner part of the tooth is then removed and the hollow tooth thoroughly cleaned. This is then filled and the tooth completed by attaching a crown on top to re-establish its former strength.


Although, at Valley Dental, we attempt to save a tooth where possible, it may, on occasions be necessary to extract a tooth, either to prevent pain or to protect surrounding teeth.

You should not be concerned about a gap in the teeth though, as we are able to offer dental bridges or implants to replace the missing teeth.

We do encourage you to see our dentists and hygienists on a regular basis so that we can continually monitor the health of your teeth. This way, hopefully we will catch any problems early and before more extensive dental work becomes necessary. For more information or to book an appointment please call us on 01407 741 730 or use the website contact form.

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